Jens Segers on Jun 21 2011

Amazon S3 SDK for CodeIgniter

Amazon's Simple Storrage Service is a great service for storing lots of files on a solid and stable system. I have been experimenting with it for a few days and quickly found the need for a CodeIgniter library to upload files to S3. Amazon provides us with a great PHP SDK source but because it uses some PEAR packages I went looking for a version that implements the REST interface without the need of those packages.

I found a standalone version that uses cURL released by undesigned and modified the constructor so that it supports CodeIgniter's initialisation with a config file. You can find the modified file here

All the methods remain unchanged so you can still use the original documentation.


Nuri Hodges 6 years ago

Looks like the shortened URL isn't working anymore, do you still have a link to the modified source? Thanks!

Brad 6 years ago

Found the project on github:

Jens Segers 6 years ago

@Brad and Nuri, the link was broken, it is working again now.

scriptigniter 5 years ago

See the Script "CodeIgniter AWS S3 Integration Library". Using this library you can easily integrate S3 i your new/existing Codeigniter project.

Salman Saleem Memon 2 months ago

I have written a detailed article over this topic here head over here to learn more