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Redirect users to www using htaccess

On all my websites I redirect all users to the domain including the www prefix. I prefer it this way just because I think it looks cleaner.

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Codeigniter authentication library download

Download Many of you guys prefer to just download a complete code instead of reading my 3 piece tutorial on how to create this library.

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Codeigniter authentication library 3/3

Further implementation In the previous part of the authentication library posts I explained how to generate a secure token for each user and the basic functions that are needed to create and delete the cookie.

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Codeigniter authentication library 2/3

Generating a personal authentication token We will generate a unique personal authentication token that will tell us whether the user is logged in or not.

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Codeigniter authentication library 1/3

Intro: safe cookies Website security is becoming more and more important to every web developer. I wanted to write a simple yet secure authentication library for Codeigniter that would not need a lot of resources.

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Lithium-ion battery tips to maximize the lifespan

The last few days I did some research about Lithium-ion batteries that are used by cellphones, laptops and many other electronic devices. Whenever I get a new device I try to take care of the battery as much as possible.

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jQuery: open external links in a new window

While working on some websites I needed a javascript that would open all external links in a new windows. So I did a quick search on google, only to find a lot of different solutions for this problem.

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Windows dutch keyboard layout for bootcamp

When you have a Windows bootcamp partition, Apple's bootcamp setup will install a 'Dutch - Apple' keyboard layout. But for some strange reason this layout is not completely correct.

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Cinch: Windows' areo snap for Mac OSX

When regularly switching between operating systems like Windows 7 and Mac OSX like myself, you'll often notice handy features missing in both operating systems that you're used to.

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