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Combining Laravel and MongoDB

Unfortunately, Laravel 4 has no native support for Mongo databases. Once I started searching for open source Mongo packages on GitHub, I was disappointed that not one package was able to seamlessly integrate a Mongo database driver into Laravel 4. Every single package I found had an entirely different interface for the Query Builder and Eloquent models, which meant that I had to rewrite all of my existing code, just because I wanted to use a different database driver.

Laravel 4 and MongoDB

Therefor, I decided to write one myself, which is now called Moloquent by the community. The package I wrote depends on the existing Laravel 4 database component and extends the original classes. This means I am forced to respect the original methods and interfaces. Because most of the query translation is done by the Query Builder, a lot of Eloquent methods just work without having to modify the actual class.

After installing the package using composer, you only need to register a service provider that will add the Mongo database driver as an extension with the original database manager. More detailed installation instructions and documentation can be found at Some functionality may not be working at this moment, so feel free to contribute.


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