Jens Segers on

iRail Summer of code

A summer of code, that's right. I have been invited to join a fantastic event organized by iRail. For three weeks I will be working and assisting multiple projects as project manager. I am really looking forward to the event and would like to thank Pieter Colpaert for giving me this opportunity.

iRail Summer of code (iSoc) is an event where students are hired during the first three weeks of July to work, as a summer job, on projects concerning mobility and/or open data. The location of iSoc will be in Ghent, the natural habitat of most of our students and the place in Belgium where the most web innovation happens; furthermore, in order to have mutual learnings from the different projects, they will all work in the same place, allowing cross-pollination between the projects. In order to finance these students, other organisations can sponsor the iRail NPO to work on a project of choice.


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