Jens Segers on

iRail Summer of code day

Day 2 of the iRail summer of code: hackathon time. All teams participed to experience all of the thought and development processes for the next 3 weeks in one single thrilling day. Each team had to complete an idividual mobile application for the Gentse Feesten.

My FlatTurtle team had to develop an application that would allow you to easily find your friends during these festivities. Once signed in with foursquare, all of your friends are displayed on the map. By clustering the closest friends into groups we are able to tell you which event your friends are at and where you should go to.

After a hard day of work and sweat we all presented our creations to the jury. Unlike my previous Apps for Ghent hackathon where the Ghendetta team became second, I managed to get the first place with my team. There was some good competition, and I am quite surprised to have won.

Shout-out to my team members Nik Torfs and Glenn Bostoen.


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