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RedBean is an object-relation mapping (ORM) tool that allows you to store objects (beans) in a database without the requirement of a mapping schema. RedBean makes your life easier by doing the dull work for you; creating databases (SQLite), creating tables, creating columns, resizing and adjusting columns, adding unique indexes to link tables, creating views, deploying databases and so on. Read more about RedBean on:


Place the files from the repository in their respective folders (or use spark). RedBean will automatically use the database configuration from the config/database.php file.


You can find the original RedBean documentation at:

All calls made to this library will be passed on to the RedBean class, so all the original functions are still available.


// Load the library (or use spark)

// Generate an empty 'book' bean
$book = $this->rb->dispense('book');
$book->title = 'Hello World';

// Generate an empty 'author' bean
$author = $this->rb->dispense('author');
$author->name = 'God';

// Connect author to book
$book->author = $author;

// Store the bean
$id = $this->rb->store($book);

// Reload the bean
$world = $this->rb->load('book', $id);

// Display the title and author
echo $world->author->name . " : " . $world->title;

You can still use the original R:: static object if you prefer.